IGN Reviews – Shadow Warrior – Review

IGN Reviews – Shadow Warrior – Review


IGN Reviews - Shadow Warrior - Review


  1. Do you have to toggle between walking and running here?

    Or just use the analog stick?

  2. This game is such an undertated gem. A triple A game that came out with a 30€ pricetag and a sequel doing the same but better with online coop and more guns !

  3. Got this on steam Summer sale for I think 3 or 4 dollars. I played it up to chapter 9 then stopped. I went back to it today and I'm having a lot of fun with it. The flaws are evident, but they don't take away from the core experience.

  4. Disappointing and underwhelming. It’s a very average game. It was so mind numbingly repetitive to the point where I completely switched off my brain and went on auto pilot mode to finish the game. Just waves upon waves of generic enemies throughout the whole game. It was cool for the first few hours but after a while you are expecting the game the change up and do something different but it never does. I really loved the art style and level design in the first few chapters. The levels than became very mundane and boring when you come to a small town, then the sewers and a cemetery and the docks etc. It didn’t help that the levels are so linear with so many invisible walls. The upgrades didn’t do enough to improve or change the gameplay they were very minor. I didn’t find the story very compelling or interesting but I did enjoy the cheesy voice acting. I was expecting a lot from this game with all the praise it gets but it was ultimately very disappointing.

  5. Worst level design since the nineties FPS.
    I thought we were past getting lost in circles without a clue a long time age.
    Remember the Dead space blue line tracking system.
    That was the highlight of the game!!

    I'm not talking about the cherry blossoms or bamboo candles
    that was gorgeous.

  6. not gonna lie, the story in this game was actually really good, considering 1. I bought the game for 3 dollars, and 2. I thought this was going to be more along the lines of borderlands.

  7. This games graphics don't impress? are you f-en kidding? The graphics were AMAZING for it's time, and STILL ARE

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