King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Review

King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Review


King's Quest: A Knight to Remember Review


  1. Really? That's like complaining about unskippable cutscenes in a Telltale game….that's kind of the point.

  2. Anyone still feel ripped off by the bait and switch PS Plus tactics. PS3 had great full games on PS Plus, I signed up expecting a similar deal. No! Indie game crap monthly!

  3. "Unskipable cut-scenes" uuh… last time i checked didn't this game RELY on the cut-scenes?

  4. Guys help me out. I've finished episode one but didn't do everything (like getting the patch, for instance). Do I play it through and get a perfect run, or do I stick with my choices? I feel really bad about not getting my own eye and the results of that. Isn't it great games can do that to you?

  5. Hey everyone, my team and I have got a complete guide and walkthrough covering all things King's Quest up on our channel. Watch the entire game for help of for your enjoyment, and even earn the secret achievements!

  6. Dammit I bought Legend of Kay (nostalgic game of mine) and forgot that kings quest was released on steam.

    Homer Simpson: DOH

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