Luftrausers Review

Luftrausers Review


Does this indie game soar through the sky or sink to the bottom of the ocean?

Luftrausers Review


  1. this game is $2.50 right now on psn.if you was holding off on it cause the price before,now is the time to pick it up.

  2. At first i was like;…another indi game on PS +. 3 hours later… THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTIVE!!!! Lol

  3. Just got this free on ps plus, man if I knew it was THIS adictive, it would have been day one for me °_°.

  4. Kinda wish "today gamers" or so they called give the game atry instead of just judging them because it's pixelated. Not all games can, much less need, to be Mass Effect, Dark Souls, or CoD.

  5. Every comment here:
    "Urghh da grafix r bad bad game"
    "my gam boi cood run this"
    "wow sush a bad gam is so bad wow"
    Seriously shut the fuck up please. You guys clearly have the mental capacity of a fucking 2 year old.

  6. This looks good, but I'm not so sure it's good enough to necessitate my spending $9.99 on it.

  7. Just got it for my vita. Its definetly a good travel game I'm having a grear time with this one.

  8. I still prefer Ridiculous fishing over this, though it's been dominating my life for the past few days…

    And you guys saying that there's an indie drought clearly don't actually play these things to know how polished these games are -.-

  9. Been playing this on Vita all the time. It rules. It's full widescreen, too, unlike the Steam version.

  10. This crap, hotline miami, retro city rampage and a few more like it will surely lead to the indie video games crash… 

  11. It needs some AA. It's pixelated in the non-good way. I love pixel art but this looks like a small picture stretched. In this video it looks better because the video processing softens the edges but when you are playing it in a monitor is not pretty. Other than that it's fun.

  12. It's actually a really good game. A very tight 2d shooter with a lot of ship variability. The artist choice might not be to your liking, but that doesn't make it bad.

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