Madden 2006 Glitches

Madden 2006 Glitches


Madden 2006 Glitches


  1. You think these are found by being bored and just mashing random buttons? lol ……… And the people who found Tobacco were bored and just smoked everything in site, right? Think of your logic …… You think there is not a story behind how it was found? Rather than just sitting around trying "random button combos" …. Get real!

  2. Some of those are glitches I have experienced while playing that game. The rest I must ask how bored were you? The "glitches" at the end require boredom and trying random button combos to the point where the game messes up. Get a life people and step away from the game console for a bit.

  3. I remember you AbullaOTS I was ranked #7 in 06.. was jsut going through my old emails from the games. wish i woulda taken a picture from back then. I did get to play #4 in an unranked match and beat him 38-21… man good times back then in 06 for sure

  4. Man I miss 06 on xbox I was a glitch king a bulla ots lol ask about me he didn't put up all the glitches tho lol

  5. @kenshin80012 ikr i had to go back and see what i said but i never found out so i guess thank you…

  6. OMG AT @ 2:29 guy doesnt bother to notice there was a fumble. although nice block =)

  7. you wanna hear something one time I was playing francise mode on madden 06for the xbox 360 and right when I was about to beat the fuckin Oakland Raiders the game just froze up do you think that's bad or what

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