MLB 2K8 – Xbox 360 – Throwback Thursday – Ep. 78

MLB 2K8 – Xbox 360 – Throwback Thursday – Ep. 78


This game wasn’t too bad…

MLB 2K8 - Xbox 360 - Throwback Thursday - Ep. 78


  1. personal opinion, this was the best version of the 2k baseball series.  I used to love playing this game and once threw a one hitter.  Now I want to play it lol

  2. Hey Franchise, can you do a video cycling through the final roster update for NBA 2K15? I wasn't able to get the game but I'm always interested in seeing how the players fare by the end of the season. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  3. Brian can you please please please Pleasee start a madden 15 connected franchise series

  4. Lmao. U should of tried 2k7 it was good imo espicially for 2007. After that i switched to 08 the show

  5. Any chance the MLB 2k series will be approved for the Xbox One backwards compatibility?

  6. doesn't look like they improved the game much from 2k8 to 2k11, which is the only baseball game i can play, since i live in Europe and am an xbox game.. Hope rbi means business and turns into a proper series again!

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