Home Playstation Forum Multiple ps3 black ops same house won’t work?

Multiple ps3 black ops same house won’t work?


Is there any way I can change this? My brother and I have been wanting to play together online but it won’t let us join the same game or even be in the same party. Can someone help? Thanks!

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  1. It may be a “security” feature added in by Treyarch to help avoid boosting, you know, if you have multiple PS3s in your house, and use them all to create your own lobbies. That’s my theory, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but one thing I would try, set up one of the PS3’s internet connection and use a proxy to change your PS3’s IP. I would try and see if that works. If your in need of a proxy, just google “free proxys” or something like that.

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