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My Assassins Creed 2 disk will not play on my xbox 360, but other games still work perfectly.?


I’ve played the game all the way through with no problems. It’s been a couple months since I last played, and I thought I’d start a new save file. I started the new file no problem and played for a little over an hour before the game started becoming incredibly slow switching between the map and play screens. Eventually it froze completely. I restarted my console to continue playing, and the xbox would whir a couple times before doing nothing. No error screen, as if no disk was in the disk tray. I put in a different game and it worked fine. Now I cannot get Assassins Creed 2 to start at all. My console won’t even recognize a disk is in the tray. The disk is unscratched, and I have 3 gigs left on the hard drive.

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  1. Okay, assuming the game disc is completely unscratched – not even an itsy bitsy tiny scratch on the exact sector that boots up at start.

    And assuming all other game disc work perfectly.

    And assuming the game rating isn’t affecting game play.

    Then there must be oil or smudge on the disc – wipe with a spritz of de-ionized water and a clean white cotton tee shirt -or- use a CD/DVD repair kit.

    Clear some memory on the console and borrow a friend’s copy to use while you resave to HDD. Then play off HDD. This worked for me on a couple of titles.

    If this doesn’t resolve the issue your only option is to try and work with the manufacturer to exchange one-for-one – be prepared to mail-in (at your expense) the disk, box, manual and they just might be willing to help you out.

    Good Luck.

  2. you may have scratched the disk

    it is a disk problem try contacting microsoft for further instructions.

  3. your disk might be scratched or if u try anything else and it does not work try buying another one in my country it is by 1.40$ lol very very very cheap and just cause 2 too 1.40$ lol!

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