Netflix Xbox One Not Working Easy Fix!

Netflix Xbox One Not Working Easy Fix!


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Netflix Xbox One Not Working Easy Fix!


  1. I had this issue with YouTube and Netflix and I did what you said bam it worked! Thank you!!

  2. i installed and reinstalled and even turned off the console and turned it back on then i unplugged the power cord by accident while the console was still in i turned it back on and it worked

  3. Okay so I did both things you mention still didn't work. like you did I messed around a little more and I got to work by going to my apps and games page then go down to apps and you have to click on the app with an o it's Cortana and you have to agree with the app and it will restart you xbox one and your netflix will work again.

  4. if its just xbox one to tv via hdmi uninstall the app and then reinstall it sometimes its just a issue with netflix not the xbox if anything google xbox one status it will tell you..

  5. lol I'd downloaded forza6 it took me 4 days and when I try to play the game it ask me if I have purchased the game and won't let me play. also my disk tray were u hit the button to eject the disk it goes off buy it's self so it's hard to play disk with out the getting eject. 100% not worth 400$ that I spint for it

  6. Would this work for shomi? It keeps saying that I need to check my connection and I can play games online I don't have anything recording. So I have no Idea why this is happening. One. Night it just stopped working.

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