Okay, so I have a ps3 w/ no internet. What do I...

Okay, so I have a ps3 w/ no internet. What do I need to buy in order to have internet. <3?


I’m a beginner gamer and I know you need a router & a ethernet cable. But I need to know whats the best and cheapest things to buy, Thankss(x

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  1. well to have the internet first call around all your phone company’s to see what internet deals they offer. the inter net isnt something you can pull out of the air.

  2. Things you need to get a ps3 online.

    1. A Boradband Internet connection – You have to have internet in your house.

    2. A router of some sort, if your house has internet, you will already have a router.

    3. A ps3.

    You have to have a paid subscription to an ISP, eg. Sky Broadband, BT Internet etc etc.

    If you have this, all you need to do is get your ps3 to talk to your router by either wireless or wired (ethernet cable)

    If your ps3 is going to be in a different room to where the router is, you’ll have to use the wirless option.

  3. if you know you need a router and ether net canle(unless you want to run wirelessly), then all you have to do is shop around and find the best internet service provider for your money. but you will need DSL, or a cable modem to be able to play online.

  4. All you really need is a good internet connection. You need to have wifi in your area. So if you do go to settings-internet settings- then find a connection that works. If not you need to pay a monthly bill to get internet. But, since your on Y!A I’m guessing you do so good luck.

  5. well your already on the internet atm? so im guessing all you need to do is sign up to PSN then connect either wired or wireless then there you go :)

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