Open an Xbox 360 S Console

Open an Xbox 360 S Console


Open an Xbox 360 S Console


  1. For people that complain that their Xboxs are now broke. You should probably watch the whole vid first before tearing into it.

  2. This is the best and clearest video for opening the xbox without breaking the tabs! Thank you so much!

  3. I don't know what wrong with my Xbox it make the beeping noise but it won't turn on do you know what's wrong with it

  4. Dude i had some problms with my xbox and i gave it to repaired
    I m in india and dont have any authorised service centre near by
    After i got my console back i checked it
    It didnt have an internal memory
    (i have a 4GB)
    I dont have a hard disk either
    So cant play
    If i buy another hard disk wil it work?
    Pls reply
    I really need it
    I miss my games

  5. Really wish there was a warning that I would need an extremely specific tool for the job at the beginning so I'm not left with a partially opened Xbox and no tools

  6. Really helpful video. Clear instructions so you don't break your Xbox. Thanks, buddy.

  7. could I build a pc out of this mother board I no longer need my xbox and wat to move to pc gaming

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