Open Tray disc error even worse?

Open Tray disc error even worse?


Ok so I was playing Modern Warfare 2 online last night on my Xbox 360 just fine. About 6 hours ago I play my xbox again but now the disc drive is making loud noises along with a low sounding tapping sound and it scratched the hell out of my clean discs (WTF) and it just says Open Tray.

Now about an hour ago I put in a game that I don’t care about and close the tray, now it just makes the tapping sound and it gives me the open tray crap. I can hear the disc trying to actually read unlike the normal open tray error, but it makes that tapping noise and reads at the same time, and then when thats done the sound gets lower and it sounds like it then fails (that sound is a one second wrrrrrrr sound) trying to read it then it says open tray.

Yes, I previously have had the normal open tray error about 3 or 4 times so far, but it was nothing like this, and I solved those open tray errors by following answers on YouTube and here. I tried those solutions with this but none worked. Has anybody ever had or even heard of this problem? If so (or have some kind of solution), please help.

I do not want to open up and look inside my xbox because I actually want it repaired by Microsoft if I get no solution here.

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  1. Yea it needs to be replaced, but if you bought it with a warranty that is still on it, it should cover it.

  2. That is not the typical open tray problem. Your disk drive is failing mechanically and needs to be replaced.

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