Paladins PS4 Review – WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY IT (Paladins free PS4...

Paladins PS4 Review – WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY IT (Paladins free PS4 – Paladins Xbox One Review)


Paladins PS4 Review - WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY IT (Paladins free PS4 -  Paladins Xbox One Review)


  1. From my experience,
    Overwatch feels more casual than Paladins..
    The reason is probably ow has arcade, which could be appealing to casual gamers (that's me).
    While Paladins, lets just say, the most intense feeling, that I could get, in a pvp game (which might be appealing to competitive gamers).

  2. if you the kind of player who likes to learn and become a better player.. stay away from this game. the developers community management is where this game fails.. In a nutshell, play a game get matched with 2+ players who refuse to learn how to play, if someone says anything to then, they get reported and eventually punished.. while the players who refuse to learn are allowed to use ignorance as an excuse to feed. as time progresses the players who are willing to learn, either get banned for toxicity, or just quit due to getting fed up with being expected to carry those who refuse to learn… this is pretty much what the pc client has become..typical game is about who's got more players who understand how to play, not about who's the better players…

    but that's hi-rez pander to those who can't cut it in bigger similar games.. contsantally get targeted in lol or Dora because you refuse to learn the game.. come play smite, where it's okay to ruin games for others due to your own ignorance, and we punish them if they say anything to you about your refusal to learn the game..

    paladins is no different, as a closed beta tester for both smite and paladins.. I've seen hi-rez repeat the same mistakes, and the same end result.. smite was great at open beta into launch then stared rapidly sliding down hill due to the developers poor community management and biased policys that protect players from problems like toxicity, that there refusal to learn is responsible for creating.. I watched smite slide down hill took almost 2 years.. paladins is still in beta and almost as bad as smite :/.. but that's hi-rez pander to those who refuse to learn, in hopes to make a buck..

    I mean heck they refuse to tell people that for the first 5 account levels you play against bad ai bots.. why? to try and trick people into thinking either they are better at the game than they really are, and/Or to try and create an early good first impression.. as with these people will be more likely to make an early purchase like the all champs pack… the once you hit lv5 they throw you to the wolves.. and they don't care because they got what they wanted from you already…

    hirez claims to listen to the community, they don't.. unless your a esports player.. they don't give a shit about the rest of the community.. as far as they are concerned your "just idiots that should blindly throw money at them"..

  3. I'm a ftp player and lvl 30 with all champions unlocked and it isn't that hard to get all the champions

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  5. The progression system is awarded to everyone playing competitive when you make it there

  6. the aiming for Paladins on ps4 is horseshit. it's janky af, not smooth at all, just completely stiff all round. overwatch's aiming is extremely more fluid on console lol.

  7. Had the game for a few days,and I'm really loving it.Very tempted to buy the founders pack.

  8. Please Nerf LEX LMAO His too strong tbh I know positioning matters but Lex decimates every person in his way LOL

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