PS welcome back; how to get the free psp games?

PS welcome back; how to get the free psp games?


in the welcome back section i dont see prompts for it.

also, is there a separate log in for psp or is your PSN log in the same for all platforms? cos when i try it on psp it says im using another’s account. or something

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  1. The PSP games are in the same place as the PS3 games, in the Welcome Back package.

    If you don’t see them, then either a) your account wasn’t created before April 20 or b) you activated the offers but didn’t actually download them.

    If your account was created after April 20, then you wouldn’t be eligible for the offers.

    If you’ve activated the offers, then on the PSP or PS3 menu, go to:

    PlayStation Network > Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List > SCEA Promotions > Game 1 / 2 > Select Content

    Choose your game from there.

    The PSN login for all PS Systems are the same. If you’re having trouble signing on the PSP, instead of directly signing in, select Use an Existing Account and then sign in with your information.

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