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PS3 40GB Question?


1) Does It Still Have The Memory Stick Pro Card Reader Installed?

2) When I Update The Software WIll I Be Able TO Play PS2 Games?

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  1. No sorry on both points 🙁

    The 40 gig doesn’t have flash card readers.

    On the topic of playing PS2 games, you CANNOT play them even with an update. THe PS3 doesn’t have the chip to read PS2 games. You probably could put a chip in but it will most likley cripple your system.

    Try saving up your money and get yourself a PS3 60 gig from ebay like I did.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. No, the 40gb is the stripped down version, so it doesnt have any memory card readers.

    And the answer is NEVER. The PS3 needs a PS2 chip to actually play the PS2 game itself. It’s not in the program itself. SO even with an update, you still cannot play PS2 games.

    PS. Coline is hellah cool (haha it was a dare sorry)

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