PS3 Jak 3 or LEGO Harry Potter?

PS3 Jak 3 or LEGO Harry Potter?


I’ve played both. But I played the demo for Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 and 1-4, the Whole Star Wars Saga, the demo for Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean, and pretty much all the Lego games.

Anyways, Jak 3 was remastered and put on PS3 a while ago. I played and beat all of the ones for PS2. But I’m wondering, is it any better than the original?

Extra details: I’m getting a 20 Dollar PSN Card for Christmas and I have 5.04 left in my PSN account which leaves me with 25.04 and so, I wanna spend my money on one of the best LEGO games or the Jak 3.

It’s to much to decide in between, if you can help by saying which you’d buy then thanks. (: I love both equally, like to death, it’s just really hard to decide. :/ help? Thanks.

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