PS3 Longplay Resident Evil 4 HD (part 1 of 4)

PS3 Longplay [031] Resident Evil 4 HD (part 1 of 4)


Played by: Spazbo4

PS3 Longplay [031] Resident Evil 4 HD (part 1 of 4)

Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Professional Walkthrough [Part 1]


  1. The old Resident Evil games are better than RE4 in my opinion. They don't feel American, whereas in RE4 Capcom tried to make it American by adding too much action, explosions, a lot of shooting, linearity, simplicity, and making the game easy. I hate America and its mainstream business model.

  2. Thanks! It's a great gameplay and works perfectly the walkthrough! (Hope it appears for another games)

  3. this was the last Resident Evil I've played. I haven't tried Resident Evil 5 cuz I can't find a copy in EB Games.

  4. i wont lie this game used to scare me but because i wouldnt pay attention. just like in cod 2 with the zombies holy hell

  5. why you dont use the fucking shotgun ? in the house with luis you wait to die for think in use it

  6. i really enjoy watching your videos you are AMAZING,keep uploading more videos and i will stay tuned

  7. hey said pictures of puppies with a hilarious caption im not gonna argue with that. i laughed so hard.

  8. Good day, I just want to ask if there is really RESIDENT EVIL 4 cd game for PS3, and is it released in all countries? Thanks in advance for whoever will reply.

  9. watching this after watching your resi 5 lp, i liked the commentary there and so far like this one too. i look forward to watching the resi lp's you have then the silent hill lps.

  10. what are the pro and cons on playing on professional mode other than double damage? i have the eshop version but im sure its exactly the same

  11. on ps2, you cant really pick your difficulty like you can on that version. I think i'm gonna buy it on ps3.

  12. I love this game so much!!! Thanks for the video I was laughing because you know the words hahaha just like me your awesome. (^^)

  13. somehow I'm back watching this again lol! you might aswell do another re4 play through..

  14. Imo, best horror game ever, and its even a contender for best game ever. Thats just what i think

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