Tales of Zestiria *Applying Cheats using BruteForce Savedata*

[PS3] Tales of Zestiria *Applying Cheats using BruteForce Savedata*


Here is a quick guide on how to apply the cheat codes using the “New” Tales of Zestiria money editor from BruteForce Savedata & BruteForce Savedata. This simple and quick guide should help you out if you want to max out your money on your own save.

Cheats Codes For BruteForce Savedata.

All characters LV 200
4201F3DC 000000C8
40088000 00000000

All characters current HP 9999
4201F3E0 0000270F
40088000 00000000

All characters currently BG 9
4201F3E8 00000009
40088000 00000000

All characters EXP 99999999
4201F3F0 05F5E0FF
40088000 00000000

All characters HP 9999
4201F3F8 0000270F
40088000 00000000

All characters BG 9
4201F400 00000009
40088000 00000000

All characters attack power 999
4201F404 000003E7
40088000 00000000

All characters defense force 999
4201F408 000003E7
40088000 00000000

All characters surgery attack 999
4201F40C 000003E7
40088000 00000000

All characters surgery defense 999
4201F410 000003E7
40088000 00000000

All characters ability to concentrate 999
4201F414 000003E7
40088000 00000000

Set all Titles to Gold
42004784 00000003
40950018 00000000

[Max Artes Usage codes]

Sorey Artes max usage
42024698 00002706
401A0004 00000000

Sorey Mystic Artes max usage
2002470C 00002706
20024710 00002706

Rose Artes max usage
4202C718 00002706
401A0004 00000000

Rose Mystic Artes max usage
2002C78C 00002706
2002C790 00002706

Mikleo Artes max usage
42034794 00002706
40140004 00000000

Mikleo Mystic Artes max usage
200347F0 00002706
200347F4 00002706
200347F8 00002706

Lailah Artes max usage
4203C840 00002706
40150004 00000000

Lailah Mystic Artes max usage
2003C8A0 00002706
2003C8A4 00002706
2003C8A8 00002706

Edna Artes max usage
420448EC 00002706
40140004 00000000

Edna Mystic Artes max usage
20044948 00002706
2004494C 00002706
20044950 00002706

Dazel/Zaveid Artes max usage
42054994 00002706
40140004 00000000

Dazel/Zaveid Mystic Artes max usage
200549E8 00002706
200549EC 00002706
200549F0 00002706

Have all treaure chest keys
00073727 00000001
0007372B 00000001
0007372F 00000001

; “Tales of Zestiria”

; “Tales of Zestiria”

Tales of Zestiria Ver 0.01 *Max Money Editor*

BruteForce Savedata Site

BruteForce Savedata 4.7.4

How Setup BruteForce Savedata 4.6(Still same for BruteForce 4.7)

PS3 Param SFO Editor

BruteForce Savedata Games.Conf File

BruteForce Savedata Tutorial 4.7.4 *Removing Lock From Copying-Prohibited Save”

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[PS3] Tales of Zestiria *Applying Cheats using BruteForce Savedata*

Don’t want to watch the video or want a quick overcap? Here is the write up. All these methods were discovered during the Japanese release by a variety of players, which I’ve used both in the JP version and English version, so I’m just giving a quick overview on how they work.

1. Reach Lohgrin
2. Unlock All Lord of the Lands and raise them to level 3 for treasure restoration
3. Raise Lohgrin Shop Level to 4 to be able to buy Drop Bottles
4. Rest at the inn and eat a food that will help boost gald
5. Reach level 76 so mimics can spawn
6. Obtain Bronze, Silver, and Gold Keys
7. (extra) Raise lord of the lands to level 24 and you can equip a double gald boon for the area.

Chilled Tofu in Pendragon gives 75% Gald increase for 75 hit combo. Deep Fried Prawns in Lohgrin gives 75% Gald increase when max damage is 10,000 or more.

Here is a list of dungeons that have warp points near chests. You need to cycle through these dungeons in some order to give time for the chest respawn to trigger.

Remains of Merchior
Tintagel Ruins
Gaferis Ruins
Weylish Ruins
Ganglen Ruins
Arctus Ruins

Set normins for each area to make this an effective gear grinding method as well.

Visit one of the listed dungeons, open the chests, if a mimic spawns (about 20% spawn rate) First you throw all your drop bottles, then you finish the battle while trying to complete the objective to get the gald multiplier from whatever inn you rested at. You can use down on the right stick to make your allies go defensive if you are worried about them killing him before you finish what you need to do.

Other ways to grind? If you have drop bottles, you can use them against any boss or side boss to get high amounts of gald as well. You can play the Alisha DLC and strictly rush through the bosses only using the drop bottle method to get high amounts of gald.

After obtaining Gald, you can convert it to Grade by buying consumable items from the shop (gels, bottles, etc) and offering them to the lords of the land over and over. It’s a slow process, but the fastest over all. Against mimics it’s recommended to play simple difficulty so that you can throw bottles faster, against bosses you can opt to play on a higher difficulty with gald bonus if you want.

Getting equipment

This is one of the best methods to collect gear as well. Set your boons specifically for rare treasure and increased drop rate. This means that each chest you open has a high chance of being rare gear and each mimic you defeat will have a high chance of dropping something. This is best done after you are done grinding gald and grade, so you will have all the boons available, but you can still work this into gald grinding, you just won’t have as many boons to help out with gear.

Leveling up

The mimic gives a lot of experience. This is actually one of the best way to get to level 200 on NG+ with the grade shop options, imo, especially since you can also grind numerous other important things in the process.

Basically, this process will fullfill 99.9% of your grinding needs in this game.

Tales of Zestiria - Grinding Gald, Grade, EXP and Gear Guide


  1. I used all the methods but cant seem to get my save file working :-( it always stops to 50% then tells me that my data is corrupted. HELP PLEAAASSEEEE!!!

  2. I realize that there's not much activity on this video at the present time, but is the Max Gald carrying capacity in this game actually 9,999,999? That is 9 million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine Gald.

    I've seen videos of Tales of Zestiria gameplay where players have over 80 million Gald in their inventory, so does the Tales of Zestiria Max Money Editor really cap out at only 9,999,999 Gald, and the game crashes is you put in 99,999,999?

    Any response will be appreciated.

  3. i did everything you like you said but its not working. I just keep getting red hash on the verify. can i send you my save and you do it for me. its a US version and I want all the cheats active except the galds

    Can go to and use the Tales of Zestiria Ver 0.01 Max Money Editor to get max money that really what i need. Beside the Bruteforce 4.7.4 isn't let me do a thing to apply cheat. Wait is your link work of the editor my computer keep removing it as a virus or unwant program.

  5. thanks alot for that. First Tales game that has a checksum protection as far as i know. Would be lost without the money editor :-)

  6. The option to decrypt the file is not aviable when I load it on Bruteforce, can you help me please?

  7. I did everything right with the disc hash key the cheats but im just getting corrrupted data and impossible to load the save :(

  8. Hey man! Super helpful tutorial! Any chance you can add/provide guidance on adding max arte usage to all the armatus transformations also?

  9. So sorry I forgot send me your email again and I will send it you when I get from work.

  10. hey can you tell me what im doing wrong. i copied the hash key that you provided in the link, followed all your directions, but when i verify my save on brute force it says hash key, everything is red. so when i put my save back on my ps3 i get a corrupted file. i tried to redo everything but nothing works. seems like the problem with my brute force is that it saying it can't find a hash key for my tales of zestiria. im using the US version.

  11. Hello,

    I have a problem, I can't download the Tales of Zestiria Ver 0.01 Max Money Editor, it's like it's forbidden. Google Chrome is telling that it's a virus and I think that's why sendspace don't allow me to download it. Can you help me please ? Other people succed to open the money editor ? thanks for your help…

  12. tried this, did everything EXACTLY how you did in this video, I've done this before with other tales games and NEVER once had a problem, I followed what you did here, and the game won't load the save file, it stops loading at 50% and is stuck at the loading screen, forcing me to restart the ps3. once it restarts it deletes the file!

  13. Dude can you upload the .ps3savepatch file cause mine didn't seem to work when I just copy pasted the codes.

  14. I've seen videos of this same exp farm but is there a place to farm exp before reaching this place?? it is a long way because when you reach this town you are nearly level 50 and how do I grind to level 76??

  15. I could never grind on the level you do, but some of these results were interesting.

  16. Nice trick. what gear do you have? and how long did it take you to farm for it in those chests? do my trick for gear and leveling up, and you will find you wont need that much money unless you wanted to just max out all your gear like a boss.


    I finally did a full run through and the monsters are still higher at this point in the game, unless the end game offers a lord of the land. I was grinding some at the area lakehaven heights but it is hard to group just 2 monsters together. Anyone find a better place using my trick? I'm still working on that area to raise the lord of the land so I can use 3 normins and that will finally bring the monsters levels over 90 for the really good stuff. I am fighting level 85 monsters when I group 4 in the ruins, with 3 level 10 normins, and take the gear back to lakehaven. Most of the stuff I get is adamantine gear and for the most part it is very powerful stuff. I don't need to find a special chest or anything.

    Yours is great for gald but mine is better for gear and faster.

  17. It is important to note that you will not get 6.000.000 Gald from the Mimic unless you get a Lord of the Land to level 24 and activate the Double Gald Boon. Otherwise you will get "only" 3.000.000 from the Mimic.

    EDIT: On your 2nd play-though if you have gotten the Double Gald from the Grade shop (NOT the Gald Style!) and combine it with the Double Gald boon then you get over 12 million Gald from the Mimic. You can also greatly decrease the waiting time after consuming an item by equipping certain titles which have the skill of decreasing the waiting time for items. Of course, you need to have the said title(s) at relatively high level to be effective.

  18. So all this cr%$p can only be accomplished in ng+… great except i wanna level up in my first game so pretty much usless…

  19. In your video you mention a DLC which will allow a player to get up to 30 items at any shop. What DLC should I buy to obtain up to 30 items at the shops? I see on costing about $11.99, a DLC named "Adventure Items Speed Run Kit", which contains more than a few enhancements. Is this the DLC you spoke of in your video? One more questions, what are those keys, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Keys? Thanks.

  20. lel i'm nearly done with the game and i'm only level 31.
    I only get throug by doing cheap strats.
    Sadly enough the cpu always dies.
    Probably because they're way too underleveled :C

  21. I'm a little late to the game, it seems, but the intro starts with "This was found in the Japanese version" – does this apply to American version also?

  22. I haven't finished the game but whats the point in NG+ ? you have to repeat the entire story? I dislike that.

  23. Hey, great method for getting gald but when it comes to actually leveling up the different lords what is the method? For example Ladylake only has apple gels so its very hard to actually level up that lord…

  24. can someone tell me whats included in the "Carry over Library" i assume the monsters you have fought but if like discoverys and monoliths are also included in it i might not get it

  25. Do you know how to fuse grespheia (sorey) with reveiller (rose)? If you know how to fuse it please upload the video, i really appreciate it , thank anyway

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