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ps3 upgrades?


if i get a ps3 that release date is like june 10th 2008 would it have all the firmware updates all ready in it or woul di dtill ahve to download them?

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  1. No you will not have all the firmware updates built into your ps3 when you buy it. Everybody that buys a ps3 out of the box it is a ps3 that needs a firmware update. The only way you can buy a ps3 with all the updates is if it is used and if the seller actually updated it. Also why are you so worried about firmware updates? They take like 30 mins max to download them. Or if the problem is you can not get internet on your ps3. As i can see you have internet connection =P because youre on yahoo answers and download the updates from http://www.us.playstation.com and put it on a memory sick and put it on your ps3.

    and the 80gb ps3s are set for june 12th! included is

    80gb ps3 (can play ps2 games!)

    4 usb ports

    flash card readers

    metal gear solid 4

    Good luck on your ps3

  2. The release date was 2006. If you mean manufacture date, then it would have the latest firmware up to then.

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