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PS3 – would i be better off keeping the pc monitor or buying some new HD tv.?


Im saving up and will have the cash for a PS3 by Christmas and I have an LCD pc monitor but according to my friend I would need to buy a HDMI cord or something like that to play and its really expensive.

Should I Buy a new HD tv (if so how expensive are they? – not the really good type just one thats slightly bigger and good quality) or just buy a HDMI cord (how much would an appropriate one for a VeiwSonic LCD pc monitor be?).

(If u r just going to say “its up to u” dont bother answering)

(I live in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia).

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  1. i use a 1080 24″ lcd monitor that has hdmi at my desk and it works great. Way cheaper than a whole new tv and still excellent quality. But if youre looking into buying a new hi def tv, nothin wrong with that.Olevia has cheap lcds that are decent. Theyre no samsung or sony but still okay.

    And hdmi cords are really expensive at retail store and go upwards to 150$. I myself bought one at newegg.com for about 6$ and there is no problems with quality

  2. Whether you can use your monitor depends first on whether it’s HDCP-compliant. All digital ps3 output is HDCP-encrypted. It’s the copy-protection scrambling used by the movie and HDTV industry, and a lot of older LCD monitors aren’t equipped with it. So find your monitor’s exact model number, google it, and read the specs.

    If it is HDCP-compliant, it will surely have either an HDMI or a DVI input. Either will work. A good HDMI cable can be found for $10 US, even less if you shop around a bit. If it’s DVI, just get an HDMI-to-DVI cable, which cost pretty much the same as an HDMI cable (that means, cheap – don’t get ripped off on some $50 cable. Anything over $20 is more or less a con job). There will be plenty of people who tell you, “you really need THIS $120 HDMI cable,” don’t listen to them.

    An Australian dollar is somewhere around $1.25 US isn’t it? Well at any rate you can get a cable for $5 to $10.

    You may want a new HDTV anyway, if the monitor is small for one thing, ps3 is much more fun on a big screen with surround sound. A cheap 27″ HDTV in the US would be $400 to $500, I guess for Aussies that would be $500 to $700 or so. and the price increases for bigger ones.

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