Rage Quit – Greg Hastings Paintball 2

Rage Quit – Greg Hastings Paintball 2


Rage Quit – Greg Hastings Paintball 2


  1. In my opinion GHP2 is actually a alright FPS game. Honestly it ain't that bad of a game and I have played worst FPS games then GHP2. I can't wait until they make a GHP3

  2. I find it funny how he is making fun of this game meanwhile this game it what some kids only can play so sorry some people don't have as much money as u

  3. this game looks boring as hell, i'd rather do the REAL THING, it be much funner with bette graphics lol…

  4. I honestly don't know why anyone would play a video game paintball simulator instead of something with real guns, which you can't play in real life. At least not without serving life in prison.

  5. Never actually played this game, but… looking at this now, it actually looks… Not bad. Like, it could be kind of fun. Aside from the graphics, everything looks pretty well made. The AI in particular, while the flaws were definitely pointed out, looked actually okay considering it's a freaking game about paintball.

  6. I remember playing this game on my PlayStation 3 and NO, It doesn't have good graphics but if you actually take the time to PLAY the game it's actually really fun! It brings a unique style of game play that I really enjoyed and it sets it's self apart from other typical first person shooters. For example in most typical shooters you have to reload your weapon often but when it comes to paintball guns you're average hopper can hold up to 200 paintball's. So paintball's are flying everywhere and both teams can play more aggressively. 2nd you can switch between speed ball if you enjoy a fast paced type shooter like call of duty with small maps or you can play woods ball mode witch is slower with a lot bigger maps and team play becomes much more demanding witch feels similar to battlefield. It's nice to have the option of choosing between 2 different styles of game play in one game. Witch I personally find vary hard to come across in shooters. Normally it's just the one style and that's it. 3rd it's vary refreshing to be playing a FRIENDLY competitive first person shooter game that focus on sportsmanship and team work rather then self glory. This is a game that focuses on game play! YES the graphics could have been much better then what they were but if you can take your head out of your ass and look at other things about this game you'll find that it's actually fun to play!

  7. The feild at 1:14 is actually a really good feild i have played it up in Virginia. Its also great to see paintball and Rooster Teeth together XD

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