Rugby World Cup 2011 | PS3 Gameplay HD

Rugby World Cup 2011 | PS3 Gameplay HD


Rugby World Cup 2011 | PS3 Gameplay HD

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  1. Man there is alot to be done to even make this game look like rugby this game kinda look like fucking hide and seek or cops and roppers i am a profeesional rugby player and i couldt even notice if this game is rugby or people running around in circles

  2. are u kidding? this game is amazing, the graphics might be a bit off, but it sure is fun. Rugby 08 was the best though (for xbox and ps2)

  3. jlrugby was best, but 2001 ea rugby came close, good camera angles but still no QUICK LINEOUTS!! why do they not have this on any modern rugby game?

  4. morne stene running?? yeah right lol, like so many modern rugby games alot to hate about it, jlr on ps1 still th best rugby game, no quick lineouts,cameras are so wrong(mind you rugby challenge is just as bad) gameplay slow as fuk to

  5. @rotchelljoe well, mine has it, I don't know whats srong with yours, and the code didn't change anything for me :/

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