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SGB Review – Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360) Part 1


SGB Review - Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360) Part 1


  1. I'm watching this review before the Johnny VS video. It was just uploaded. Let's see how Johnny has evolved after 8 years! 😀

  2. Watching in anticipation of Johnny's re review. Let's see his opinion on this game 8 (gasp) later.

  3. Can't wait to see his re-review of Sonic Unleashed. I'm interested to see what he thinks of Sonic's were-hog form and night levels now.

  4. the werehog form was made from dark gaia
    short version: apparently when the energy of the chaos emeralds was drained, the power it shared with sonic went into flux and the negative energy in the emeralds (which we know from chaos) begins being used by sonic.  this is the same energy that dark gaia controls so when it sees him, it absorbs it.
    or if your still saying its bullshit, check out fawful minions top 10 sonic games video
    he explains it better and less convoluted than me

  5. Johnny announced in his Sonic Racing Games he will review game again, looking forward to see, if his opinion of game changed, especially of Werehog, after Sonic Boom Wii U poor combat system.

  6. I have a question: I beat the game, so why isn't the continent Eggmanland back into its place?

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