Should I finish my PS2 games before I get a PS3 and...

Should I finish my PS2 games before I get a PS3 and PS3 games?


I have four that I have not played. I started one during Thanksgiving but I have a hard time finding time to play because my roommate always wants to watch TV. She has a hard time sharing the TV.
I will definitely shop on ebay for an older model!! I still love my PS2 games!!

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  1. You could always buy an older PS3 that has the backwards compatability. Most PS2 games work on it. Unfortunately, I doubt you’d find it new. If sharing the t.v. is a problem, you might be better off not bothering. I guess it would also depend on what games we’re talking about.

  2. try and buy an old 60gb or 40gb ps3 so you can play ps2 games as well cause the other ps3 consoles dont play them

    and if you cant do that, just think are the games you wanna play for ps3 better than the ones you could play for the ps2

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