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Top 10 FPS Games on Xbox One | Best First-Person Shooters


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Ranking of the best first-person shooter games released on the Xbox One; these are the top-rated FPS titles on the XB1 that received high praises from both critics and gamers.

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Top 10 FPS Games on Xbox One | Best First-Person Shooters

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  1. i recently completed halo 5 and love the series but this game blew chunks for a single player playing the campaign mode my god it was short and i am not the best of players waht the designers need to do is this STOP THE BULLSHIT AND MAKE TO GAMES NEXT TIME 1 FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE CAMPAIGNS AND 1 FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE MMPOLG I HAVE NEVER PLAYED ONLINE AND HAVE NO INTENTIONS TO START THIS AGME HAS GONE DOWN HILL BECAUSE SO MUCH EFFFORT HAS BEEN SUNK INTO THE mmpo part. i was playing video games in the 70s when you had to be in the same room as the person playing with you. and i will be playing games for many years to come go back to making great games . same goes for fallout fo4 pales severly to fo3 or fo new vegas.

  2. How the fuck is there no Rainbow Six Siege? yet you put trash games like Battlefield 1 on there? really?

  3. The cringiest thing in the whole wide world is a girl who pretends that they know what they are talking about in games, guys are too but since there are so many guys who play games more than girls, you see girls doing this more. CRINGE

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