Top 10 NEW Japanese RPGs Of 2016

Top 10 NEW Japanese RPGs Of 2016


Top 10 NEW Japanese RPGs Of 2016


  1. Sees Final Fantasy XV as number 1, sees date on the video. Yeah this makes more sense now. In retrospect I would probably put Bravely Second or Fire Emblem as #1.

  2. WTF – so these idiots make these videos to HIDE the best games? lol – Game propaganda lol

  3. i was expecting persona 5 to be here but then i realized the game wasnt out at the time the video came out

  4. Bravely Second > I Am Setsuna > Fire Emblem Fates > Final Fantasy 15 for me personally. If 15 had proper character development and more explanation behind the nipple empire it would have most likely been my favorite JRPG. But the ending is really bad (**Spoiler** Noctis saved the world after everyone died and we saw Him with Luna in the After life yay). I really wanted to play Toyko Mirage, but no WII-U.

  5. "Bravely Default is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy" What makes that statement sad is the fact that Final Fantasy games are still being made. It only shows how deluded and uninformed Square truly is when they create a successor to a game that still exists. Not only that, they act surprised when it does better than anything else they've recently released then continue creating multiple part action RPGs with franchise Bravely is based on. I mean look at FF7, I really want to be able to look forward to it… then I hear that bullshit quote Square spewed to us about it being 3 part so they could "do it justice". What they meant was "We will be releasing FF7 as a 3 part series in order to rape and abuse all the long standing fans of this absolute classic that defined a genre and that many current releases are still compared to even today. We hope you are as excited to be fucked… as we are to be fucking you!" News flash, its not a remake when you change everything… you can't tell people you plan to expand and/or change the story and call it a fucking remake. I doubt I'll play the potential travesty, I refuse to let Square ass fuck my childhood any more while my childhood lays there screaming for it to stop.

  6. I'm sure FFXV will take like 10GBs of RAM and atleast a GTX980 to run for Recommended on PC with 80GB HD space.

  7. I am Setsuna is only similar to Chrono Trigger in how the world map looks and how battle's take place. The story line is incredibly weak with typical overused plot and NO character development. The town maps are rather boring as you realize there is no point in even exploring anything unless you feel like talking to every NPC with their sub par dialogue, or finding the oddball chest. After trying this game out for a few days and several hours down the road…i'd recommend you skip this game and try out something else.

  8. I am Setsuna, is an awesome game. It gives the old school feel, with more versatility.

  9. Wasn't I am Setsuna only published by Square Enix, it was developed by Tokyo RPG Factory which was an indie company that Square adopted. It's a good game but it only adopted a bunch of elements. I don't believe anyone that actually made Chrono Cross work on this game.

  10. Kingdom hearts!!!! I feel like I should try bravely second.. but I love FE fates! I'll probs get I am setsuna for the switch

  11. This is a great list but i can't believe you wouldn't mention "Legend of Heroes Cold steel" in this list. This has to be probably one of the most ambitious and extensively well constructed narrative ive ever come across and with the balance of persona like gameplay elements. It is by far one of my top games of 2016. People jumping on the FF XV hype train a little to quick imo. The story was pretty lack luster at best, though it certainly presentation and graphical quality. Its a perfect example of why companies prefer all the shinny quality over substance.

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