Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies


Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

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  1. I'm sorry but The Strangers is one of the worst movies I've ever seen how on Earth is it an Honorable Mention

  2. Looks like someone needs to look up the word "scariest".
    This is just a top 10 list of iconic horror movies.

  3. Why the fuck is the Blair witch project on here and I for real laughed when I saw paranormal activity

  4. only thing making some of these scary is thier basis in actual events. Freddy Kruger was in nightmare on elm street was a real person for example. Though not his real name. Michael Meyers in Halloween was as well. Exorcist was based off of a russian boy that those things happened to. And texas chainsaw massacre actually happened. dramatized for the movies a bit yes, but thats the only thing that made them creepy.

  5. I could take a dump in the woods,and that would frighten someone more than the blair With project,shockingly bad,if you want scaring in a psychological sort of way,watch Jacobs Ladder,that film left me feeling paranoid for days,very creepy 90s thriller

  6. I don't like childs play the other characters are too … idk but it annoys me the fact weird things are happening like in the 3rd movie they all see a killer doll after fireing real rounds from guns at each other and one dipshit blames the main character and attacks him inspite of chuck practicly announcing he's alive in front of them I love brad durof as chuck but good lord instead of being more cometic with the sequel they get more idiotic and irritating

  7. Me after watching child's play, alright kids no more dolls or action figures

    you know what fuck it no toys at all

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