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what so great about the xbox 360?


i don’t know why people likes the 360 so much maybe because of thr hype when it come out to stores.For me the Wii is much better console than the 360 beacause you can do so many things with the wiimote with the 360 you only can hitting buttons on the controller i think that very stupid.

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  1. people like the 360 1. because they trust microsoft and 2. because they have more. mature games. have you ever found halo on a nintendo system? how about gears of war? the graphics are more life like, where as with nintendo they tend to stay cartoonish. if you want me to go on and on and on and on about it, i can give pros and cons from both sides. email me about it

  2. yeah i agree that the wii is much better but people probably like it so much because of halo 3 my friend bought an xbox 360 just so he could play halo 3

    oh yeah dont listen to any idiot that says xbox has more mature games

  3. EVERYTHING! The online play, the HD movies (sold seperately), the games, games, games! Sorry if I’m overeacting, but the 360 is king of HD consoles.

  4. Right the 360 is better in lots of ways.

    1. look at the games , halo,PGR,hears of war,bioshock,crackdown.saints row,lost planet and many many more, ye nearly all the wii games are for wii only, but who cares there are complaints that people cant handle to controller properly

    2. 360’s online play is great, ive heard the connection is really slow for the wii.yes u may need to pay for xbox live but look at it, fast connection.great things to do,download stuff from the marketplace.

    3. all the games for the wii are childish they even made call of duty 3 childish!! serious gamers play the 360.

    yeah overall the wii is a great piece of technology and a bowl of fun wen u go round someones house for the night and havin a drink

    but look at the 360 everything about it is great amazin games and gameplay an superb graphics, thats why ppl are so hyped about the 360. BECUASE ITS THE BEST CONSOLE IN THE WORLLLDDD!

  5. Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Gears of War. Those are just some of the games that are exclusive (Bioshock may show up on the PS3) to the 360.

    MS has a committee that makes sure that a lot of crappy games don’t show up on their system. Nintendo, on the other hand, has no committee that oversees what games are made for the Wii. Any developer can make any game they want for the Wii, even if those games suck big time. Just look at how many crappy games have made it to the Wii, as compared to the 360.

    The Wii-mote is just a personal preference. Personally, I don’t think the Wii-mote is all that great. I still prefer the standard controller. The Wii-mote is a gimmick until developers find a better way to make use of the Wii-mote. So far, it’s used in pretty much the same way for all games.

  6. You sound like a fan boy to me. All you can do is hit buttons? That is what GAMES SYSTEMS STARTED AS. That is what they have been FOR YEARS. Any GAMER expects that. So my guess is you are either a kid or someone who has never played games before. Fine. The Wii was made for people who don’t play games. Also I think the Wii is LIVING off hype. The graphics for the 360 are far better, heck the Xbox probably had better graphics then the Wii. Xbox Live is probably the best online set-up at the moment.

  7. man, you can do EVERYTHING with a 360. ONLINE ONLINE ONLINE man youre a little baby if youre too scared to go online and fight against people or play online co-op. Anyways anyone with a wii is a little kid, mario games got old, im glad i switched from nintendo to xbox

  8. l like the xbox 360 for halo 3 and a few other games and if you have a hdtv the graphics are really amesome and theres more games and alot of online games on xbox live and the hd dvd player for the dvd movies

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