Which has better adventure games, XBOX360 or PS3?

Which has better adventure games, XBOX360 or PS3?


Looking to get one of the two but don’t know which has better games. Not so concerned about Blu-Ray just which ever has better adventure type fighting games (i.e. Halo, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, etc.)

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  1. id say both depends on graphics and quality of game

    recommended to use a HDMI if u have a LCD or plasma

  2. Let me help you out.Halo, Call Of Duty are the genre: Shooter.

    depending on if you actually want Adventure or Shooter.

    some good adventure games are:

    Grand Theft Auto (Ps3, Xbox)

    Saints Row 2 (Xbox)

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Ps3, Xbox)

    but some good shooters are:

    Halo ( i guess.im sick of it. for Xbox)

    Resistance 1 and 2 (Ps3)

    Resident Evil 5 (Xbox, Ps3)

    Dead Space (Xbox, Ps3)

    Farcry 2 (Xbox, Ps3)

    Metal Gear Solid 4 (Ps3) (ive heard alot about this game being one of the best for ps3 ever)

    Killzone 2 (Ps3)

    Uncharted 2 (Ps3)

    well i bought a ps3 and it is just amazing, i dont even have a HD tv yet and im glued to the screen for hours. plus the whole reason why i spent the extra money is because Ps3 wont break or get Red Ring like 360, plus ps3 has free live, internet, downloads, and you can watch movies, (Blu ray too if you wanted)

    Id recommend a 120gb Slim Ps3 (thats what i have) with any of the games above. so far i have Street Fighter 4, and Midnight Club LA and im going back to Gamestop this weekend to get more hopefully.

  3. Allen’s got it down pat, listen to him. But Saints Row 2 is out on PS3 as well. And MGS4 is mind blowing! But probably too much game for the guy asking the question.

  4. ps3 has uncharted 1 and 2 and infamous

    xbox has fable and some others

    i think the ps3 has more adventure games

  5. Ps3 by far. Uncharted 1 and 2 are the best adventure if not the best games of this generation.

  6. JESUS! Halo, resident evil and call of duty referred as adventure-fighting games? you are too much of a casual gamer, so get a wii instead.

    A ps3 might be just too much for you to handle XD

  7. Wii. Far more adventure games on there.

    But out of the two, I would suggest the Xbox 360 purely for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and Fable 2. Apart from that there aren’t many good adventure games worth buying for either of them.

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