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Which One. Black Ops Or Modern Warfare 2?


i played these 2 games yesterday at my friends house but overall those 2 games i really like MW2 better.

but lots of my friends play black ops on there PS3. wut should i do?

and also tell my why i should get which ever game you people say


  1. Blacks ops has fun wager matches. I say black ops especially since your friends have it because playing with you friends makes it all the more better

  2. LOL of course MW2 is better.

    Black Ops runs at 5 frames per second while MW2 runs at around 120 Frames per second.

    Black Ops sucks, a lot of people don’t like it.

    I could make a list of reasons about why Black Ops sucks.

    But Battlefield Bad Company 2 kills both of these games.

  3. Call of Duty Black Ops because of the wager matches,old school weapons,and because of the zombie mode.

  4. What I loved about MW2: How quickly the game loaded.

    Having to actually earn your call titles through challenges.

    MW2 (in about my 20days of in game palytime) only crashed about 3 times for me.

    Black Ops in my 4 days game play has crashed about 20 times. Go figure.

    Zombies are good in BO, better community with videos and stuff, I do like the daily challenges (even if they did copy Halo), guns are more realistic.

    Overall I think they’re both different games in their own respect. they were released by different companies afterall.

    Play what the hell you want. There’s people online for MW2 and Black Ops all the time anyway 😛

  5. If you want a true warfare experience don’t go with either of them. Modern Warfare 2 is too repetitive and gets really old fast. Black Ops is good but there is still some repetitiveness to it. Both games are good games but don’t compare to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. That game is probably one of the best shooters on the market right now. All the environments are destroyable, the explosions are realistic. The maps are huge. There are vehicles that you and your squadmates can pilot such as patrol boats, tanks, choppers, atv’s, humvees, and even a remote controlled UAV chopper that called in air strikes. The sniping is amazing and the graphics are amazing too! I guarantee if you buy that game you will not want to play Call of Duty ever again.

    Happy Gaming!

  6. well MW2 was great I until hackers ruined the game basically start a match and chances of joining a hacked lobby is high because it’s a last year game and usually developers focus on the next game so I day Black Ops if you don’t want to run into any hacks

  7. MW2 is infinitely better than Black Ops. MW2 was done by Infinity Ward, the studio (that now doesn’t exist) that created Call of Duty. Treyarch was brought in later to do alternating versions. Treyach’s studio developed Black Ops. There is a huge difference in the look and smoothness of the game between IW and Treyarch in my opinion. Although if you want a good experience, play on the 360. The amount of people that play on the 360 is crazy compared to PS.

    I got Black Ops for xmas and have played it for about 40 hrs so far. It’s slowly growing on me, but there is a LOT that I really miss about how Infinity Ward made these games. It will be interesting to see what the former members of IW do with their new company Respawn. I think they’ve teamed up with EA instead of Activision this time.so a lot is possible.

  8. mw2 because u can quickscope, black ops really sucks! i got both but only played black ops for 1 day

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