Home Playstation Forum why is my ps3 freezing on ps2 games?

why is my ps3 freezing on ps2 games?


i am playing yakuza on my 80gig ps3.i bought it new a year ago and it will suddenly freeze.but normally i can let it cool for a bit and it will go through that spot later.now every time i try to play it gets to the same spot in freezes.i dont think it is the disk because i have 2 copies and they both freeze on it.any1 have any ideas?

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  1. it definatly sounds like the disc man hhahah but thats weird u might wanna check if ur updated or ur settings

  2. Try taking the ps2 game to games stop,eb,or game crazy and get a 3 dollar cleaning. Either clean the disc or run diag on your ps3 under browser.

  3. While the older 80GB PS3 can play some PS2 games, it uses an emulator, and may have problems with certain games – such as the one you’re seeing with Yakuza.

    Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot you can do unless Sony releases an update for the emulator which is pretty unlikely since they’ve dropped PS2 compatibility completely from all current models of the PS3.

    If you can’t get a 20GB or 60GB PS3 which has actual PS2 hardware in it, and so doesn’t suffer these problems, your only other alternative is to get a real PS2 and play your PS2 games on it.

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