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Why isn’t my psn isn’t working?


This morning I turned on my ps3 and accessed all of my content with no problem. Then when I got home and tried to launch my YouTube app, it said I wasn’t logged in. So I tried logging in but it kept saying that my information was incorrect. So I went onto the playstation website and tried to change my password, it said my personal information was invalid, and that I wasn’t even registered on the psn, as I if I never made an account. What’s going on? Is it an error with the ps4 launch? Did my account just randomly get deleted? And if so, how do I reregister my account and keep from losing all my dlc’s and demos?

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  1. Sony is saying some users data was potentially comprised ( hacked? ) so they shut down any account that was potentially accessed whether it was or not and those users have to reset their passwords

    One user posted in the psn forums that he couldn’t reset his password even though he was using the right email and birth date , he called sony and they had wrong info , after complaining for a half hour and finally convincing the person on the phone he was who he said he was they sent him a password reset e-mail and he got online again.

    the poster said they asked him his name , address , e-mail , psn id , if he new his psn balance , even his ps3 serial number but after they found all that was correct they finally reset his password so get as much info as possible before you call tomorrow and expect it to take at least 40 minutes between being on hold and talking to support ( 1-800-345-sony )

    good luck

  2. i had the same happened to me however i was able to change my password at the PSN site. i just saw another question here about the same so i think the must be something going on it is not just yours

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