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Xbox 360 Drive Question?!! Please Help?


Ok, my brand new slim i bought iv’e had it for 2 months now and it stopped reading my disks i, am thinking about going to gamestop and trading it in to get some cash to get a new one, but i was wondering where can i buy some newer xbox 360 slim drives to replace this one so i can start playing again anyone help? i heard you can’t replace the drive because theres some special serial number? idk i need help!

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  1. At the launch of the slim, Microsoft could have spent 5 more cents in a machine that was already selling at a profit to add protective bumpers inside the CD drive.

    Guess what was five cents cheaper for MS to produce?

  2. you can get a replacement dvd drive but they’re about $90

    and then you’d have to have a professional swap out the old dvd drive with the new one.

    this is because you have to extract your specific dvd drive key from the old xbox dvd drive (not a simple process, if done incorrectly you have a bricked xbox 360)

    and then flash these dvd drive keys over to the new dvd drive.

  3. wow the first guy is a dumbass, yeah sure 5 cents FOR A CONSOLE, THINK OF IT YOU RETARD 10000000 CONSOLES TIME 5 CENTS!and bumbers cost 25 cents each you *

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