Xbox 360 trade in at GAME?

Xbox 360 trade in at GAME?


GAME are currently doing an offer where you can trade in your old xbox 360 elite and get the new xbox 360 250gb slim halo 4 bundle for £100. I’ve decided I want to do this but I’ve a problem; I want to transfer all of my old files and data from my old xbox to the new one but I can’t actually do that as I’ll be virtually swapping the xbox there and then for the new one and then theres no way i can transfer between the two consoles as I’ll have just traded that other one in. Surely GAME would’ve thought about this and if anyone knows any way around this problem or if GAME will have a data transfer cable ready to use out in the back it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. instead of asking us here since i have no clue what GAME is y dont u CALL and ASK them and find out

  2. Depending on how much data there is on the hard drive, you could just copy it all onto a few usb sticks.

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