Xbox 360 tray gets stuck when its closed?

Xbox 360 tray gets stuck when its closed?


The tray on my Xbox doesn’t open if you press the eject button on the Xbox or when i try to open it from the dashboard. When you try to eject it it clicks once, and then nothing happens. This only happens if the tray is empty when it is closed. If there is a disc in the tray when you try to open it, it opens with no problem. And it’s not the faceplate, I’ve tried taking that off.

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  1. Yea my Xbox has that exact same problem. I just keep my console horizontal and it’s usually fine. My friends xbox gets rrod for about 30 mins when he leaves a game in his Xbox because he had it vertically placed. Just leave a game or something in there while its off if it doesn’t hurt it.

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