Xbox 360 Wireless question?

Xbox 360 Wireless question?


I have an xbox 360 that is upstairs but my wireless adapter is down stairs. Will the range be enough? is there anything i need to do to set it up?

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  1. umm if you want to connect wirelessly to the xbox then you will need a seprate wirless adaptor for the xbox so you can conect to your router

    but you can conect a internet cable to your xbox and router

    however, if you have a laptop, which is conected to a wirless router then you can do this.

    1.connect your laptop to the xbox with a internet cord

    2. conecect to the internet on your computer

    3. you now have internet on your xbox

  2. I assume you mean wireless router/access point. The range should be fine unless your house is huge! (like, skyscraper huge)

    You will need to configure your xbox so it can connect to your router/access point. This can be done in the settings screen on your xbox. You may need to enter your networks name (SSID) and perhaps the security key that protects your network. Other than that it should be fairly straight forward!

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