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Xbox Game Pass Walkthrough


Larry Hryb, Xbox LIve’s Major Nelson walks through the Xbox Game Pass experience, including launch titles, how to sign up, and more!

Xbox Game Pass Walkthrough

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  1. good ideal being like netflix, too bad you can't have on your tv like netflix has, all you just need game controller no console. . tht be great…

  2. Most of the game pass games are old xbox 360 games that you can get on ebay for a few bucks, there's hardly any xbox one games, I don't see what everyone's so excited about here but that's just me.

  3. I must say that I really like this idea however the fact that for a relatively large amount of games it only decreases the cost is the reason I won't be subscribing to the pass

  4. Major Nelson makes everything sound like God Made it he sold me on the kinect thats how good he is

  5. make simple stuff work offline. not all have access too cheap. and or reliably in net. i have neither. i have a one s. some old games. and wortless bluerays…and 360 games… wait.. 360 works fine. has simple features offline.. odd.

  6. lol i already pay to much money for playing a game online, this should be free or at least a few bucks each 2 months.

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