XBOX ONE Spazzing Please be Fair with answers and comments.?

XBOX ONE Spazzing Please be Fair with answers and comments.?


So since 11/22/13 my X1 has performed exceedingly well until recently. All X1 owners know about Snap, TV Twitch etc. So during a game session I would start a party and have it snapped for a bit. Then I would snap TV while waiting for a round to start and so on. Then one day I was doing this and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to select the highlighted app, such as settings, and it would freeze entirely with exception of moving cursor. And then it was stuck in a power down mode for 40 minutes until it finally turned off. So I called XBOX and she sat on phone with me until the X1 did it once more, it took 35 minutes to freeze up while talking to them. So I ordered an express exchange thinking why not? Its convenient. But the thing is I don’t know if my X1 is truly faulty or if it was a software issue from the update, or an overheated machine or what. Because everything works just fine until I put in a game and start multitasking. Was I right to replace my X1?

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  1. Who cares, you got a free xbox out of it. Who cares if it lost money for Microsoft. I think they can handle it.

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