XtremeSkins Gold Xbox One Console Skin Installation and Review

XtremeSkins Gold Xbox One Console Skin Installation and Review


Buy your own Gold Xbox One skin here:

In this video we’re installing and reviewing XtremeSkin’s Gold Xbox One Console Skin. XtremeSkins advertises the following:

Polished metal effect wrap for your Xbox One. Give your Xbox an awesome new look with these top quality metal effect skins.
-Chrome Metal Effect Skin Wrap, Automotive Grade
-Bubble free technology for an easy install
-Custom CAD design for the perfect fit
-Can be removed without damage or sticky residues
-Many awesome colors available

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Installation Guide:

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XtremeSkins Gold Xbox One Console Skin Installation and Review


  1. I really think it looks great. It's one of my favorite colours. A combo of Yellow and Red is awesome too!

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  3. Partially peeling the skin and keeping the backing on while lining it up helps apply skin.

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