360 fanboys, why do you do this?

360 fanboys, why do you do this?


Why do 360 fanboys do this?

“MAG stands for “M”an, playstation is “A”ctually “G”ay. You should throw your piece of crap playstation in the trash (preferably a compactor just to be safe). Then go out and buy a 360 they are way better anyways. Also this trick will save you money in the long run because, if you keep playing your ps3 later on in life you will spend a fortune on a psychiatrist to deal with your inadequacy complex.”

Is he mad because he can’t play MAG on his 360?

Quit whining.

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  1. Who are you addressing? If you have a problem with something someone posted, talk to them directly or email the Answers team if you think it was inappropriate. There’s no need to bring this stuff into this section. There are plenty of people who don’t care what console you like. Posting that just shows that you’re as much of a Sony fanboy as whoever wrote that is a Microsoft fanboy. Grow up.

  2. That pisses me off when people do that. I am a HUGE 360 fan and not to fond of the ps3, even so I would never take the time to put down another console. I know other people are as excited about the ps3 as i am about the 360. If only everyone could mature a little. But oh well, at least its entertaining in some circumstances. And the world needs haters. Anyway, I don’t know why i made an answer to this question. I guess I am just bored because COD4 online is being a * and I keep losing connection. Anyway, yeah people can get like that you just have to move on and not do things like ask questions like “360 fanboys, why do you do this?” on yahoo answers unless it is a last resort.

  3. Well, I could ask the same thing about all the PS3 fanboys who enjoy coming over to the 360 questions and answering with “Throw your 360 in the trash”. I mean, it’s going to happy. The internet is an amazing thing, and so is freedom of speech. If people have both of these things, they’re going to keep doing this sort of stupid stuff. I feel you pain tho, It drives me nutts when I read that sort of stuff, but. what are ya gonna do.

    I feel your pain

  4. It is in human nature to choose sides, and seek communities where we are accepted with out pre-requisite actions. For instance, part of the reason cliques in high school are started is the pack mentality instinct inherent in almost all mammals.

    Also, when people purchase an object, especially one as expensive as a 360, people tend to seek connections with the object, also the 360 using a system based on community building, thus some people are prone to favoritism based on there community.

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