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Alpha Protocol Review


  1. ign reviews would be better if they didn't just dog the game the entire time and even when they do say something nice they have to end it off with another insult like damn I actually thought this game was going to get a 2 by the way they were roasting it

  2. Obsidian.. hahaha….
    Minimize the browser and just here the audio. Substitute "Alpha Protocol" with "NewVegas".
    Hahaha….. its perfect.

  3. I do not know about the bugs,I played it one year ago with absolutely no problems,one of the best storylines ever in games.There is literaly no game like this,I strongly reccomend it.

  4. I just got the game, and even 6 years late, I'm finding it quite enjoyable. Is it the greatest game ever made? Nah. Are there better games that also scratch the stealth and customization itch? Of course. MGS V says hi, naturally.

    But not everything needs to be a damn masterpiece. Some of my favorite games of all time – like Earth Defense Force games, Body Harvest, Legend of the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Fuel, and Frontlines: Fuel of War – were arguably little more than mediocre overall. But something about them just clicked with me and I found myself loving them.

    That's the case with this game too. It's fun, I feel a lot of player agency going on (apart from gender selection sadly,) and feeling like my knowledge of NPCs matters when making dialogue stance choices is SUPER satisfying and feels like a unique take on the idea of dialogue choices that fits perfectly with the world of a secret agent.

    If I had to put a numerical score to it, I'd say 7. Not every game can be a 9+. Nor does every game need to be. I feel like we've gotten super picky as gaming has evolved. Sometimes you just want a specific brand of fun, and this game definitely achieves its own feel and style.

  5. This reviewer is absolute Trash.. I cant stand listening too, or reading "professional" critics.. They all read/sound the same.. Its like they try too hard, and use as many unnecessary words as possible..

  6. completely untalented developer Obsidian makes generic game after generic game and they are always riddled with bugs

  7. Fanboy insanity aside, the score really does seem a bit too low.:S Should've been between 7.3 and 7.8 IMO.

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