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Angry Review: Risen (The Worst RPG on Xbox 360?)


Angry Review: Risen (The Worst RPG on Xbox 360?)


  1. never thought I would say thos but , sure u played the 360 port , sure its bad but tat doesnt justify how u thrash and smash the game and put it up as a lame and repetitive game . ur rolling out ur likes and dislikes in this video which is see isnt favouring this game at all and thanks to u alot of people will skip playing this game just becuz angry joe said so

  2. I love how all of these comments defending the game are from the PC side 3 years or so after the review came out. What I got from this was stay away from the risen series. Maybe get the first one on PC. Still more fuel for the people saying disable comments.

  3. I don't remember how much xp I had to get irl to become an infantryman… but I know there was a whole bunch sweeping. More than 10 piles of dust certainly.

  4. İ love Joe, İ love his reviews , i am a hardcore rpg player since 1993 from Amiga to PC . İ have played almost all rpg titles that maybe you have never heard before . İ only play RPG titles. İf i make a top 10 RPG List , Risen outperforms any games released between 2010-2017 including witcher 3, skyrim, Mass effect, darksouls, grimrock etc…

  5. I've never played it but even if it runs better on the PC still looks like an awful game

  6. One of my favourite tragedies…poorly written dialogue with terrible grammar, albeit charming…clunky combat system, although very addicting… everything on the technical side is pretty bad but the games unique atmosphere is unparalleled. 9.5/10

  7. Dude… you are simply put incredible… O_o you are clearly incapable of playing Piranha Bytes games :))) But the fact that you can't learn to play it while many of us can, doesn't make the game bad. I've enjoyed the Dark Souls series, I've loved the Elder Scrolls series, the Witcher series, but I still rather prefer Gothic 1, Gothic 2 and Risen 1. If this games are so bad, how come there are so many of us in Europe that love them? How come there are those anywere on the planet that love them? You've actually got a preatty nice number of responce videos on Youtube showing YOU how they are ment to be played. 😛

    P.S. Let me gues… you tought Gothic 4 Arcania was a step up, right? O_o

  8. Boring story is still boring, i played Risen. Other stuff are okayish. But the way story is made, makes it incredibly boring… Gothic had much better storyline, and more memorable characters…

  9. I have to agree with Joe. This game is too hard for an american like me. How dare is the game maker who designs this trash – I mean a game that cannot be beaten by smashing button randomly? Any game that requires using one's frontal cortex is unsuitable for americans in general.

  10. Perhaps he exaggerated but this game isn't good. it's a kind of Gothic 3 2.0 . There's no innovation at all and the interface looks old.

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