Anyone know what else I can try to get my PS3 to...

Anyone know what else I can try to get my PS3 to work?


I hooked it all up to my tv (I don’t have an HDMI hookup on my tv so I’m using AV jacks), and the system turns on, but it won’t show up on my tv. I tried a few different cords thinking that might be the problem, but I keep getting the exact same result. All that shows up on my tv is a black screen.

Anyone have any ideas on what else I can do?

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  1. Turn of your ps3. Press and hold the powre button till you hear 2 beeps. This resets the video out put. And if this is first time, make sure that your TV is set to the correct input

  2. I had the same problem yesterday. Just to find out that the cable on the back of the Playstation 3 for the AV cables wasnt pushed in all the way. So make sure that cable is pushed in all the way inside the jack. Also verify that if you are on VCR 1 your cables are being connected to the back of the TV in VCR 1. Make sure the colors are matched. ;-)!

  3. just press the power button and keep it pressed until the ps3 turns off again and beeps twice

    that resets the ps3 output to the original av cables and will let it work on your tv

    read the ps3 manual , it has that instruction on page 13

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