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Black ops 2 custom game freeze on PS3?


Hello i have a PS3 and i play COD BO2 on it all the time. this problem started about 3 weeks ago and now i am just so sick and tired of this problem. I go on to multiplayer and start a private match on “Custom game” and then all of my classes are all screwed up with weird titles and no guns. when i try to create more than 2 classes my game freezes and i am forced to force shutdown my PS3 as i was saying I’ve had this problem for about 3 weeks now or more. can anyone please tell me how to fix this i would really appreciate it thank you Cheers!

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  1. We have nearly exactly the same problem in “Custom game” in multiplayer. When I go into the class menu it freezes period. It Would be nice if there was a patch or something.

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