call of duty 4 for ps3 question!?

call of duty 4 for ps3 question!?


hi i was just wondering what are the controls for call of duty 4 for ps3? thanks!

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  1. Erm just think of most of the FPS games you have played, there pretty much the same layout as other FPS games. But if you dont like them settings you can always change it in the options through the menu

  2. lol if uve played any other call of duty games, the controls are pretty much the same.

    the only difference i remember is that on cod4 the melle button is r3 =P but thats pretty much the only difference.

    the controls are just like any other 1st person shooter game

  3. Triangle = change weapon

    square = nothing

    X= jump

    Circle = Duck and lay down

    R1 = shoot

    R2 = throw grenade

    R3=stab with knife

    L1 =aim

    L2 = flash , stun , or smoke grenade

    left analoge stick=move body

    right analoge stick= move aiming thingy

    Thats all

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