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can i actually use my xbox 360 in a laptop as a screen.?


what i meant was. would it be possible to use the laptop as a tv screen for my xbox 360. would it be possible to connect it?.
if it is possible. how would i do it?. where do i connect the video and audio inputs.

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  1. You can’t use it as a high definition monitor like you could with a stand alone PC monitor.

    However, if your Laptop has a Video capturing plug (video in), or you get a TV-USB-plug with video in capability, you can get standard resolution grphics on your monitor with the TV application.

    But as the Laptop monitor is normally hardwired to the graphics chip, you can’t use it as a normal monitor for a direct Xbox cable connection.

  2. Your laptop probably has a VIDEO OUT to a monitor or maybe even a TV OUT. However, these are no good to you, you need a TV IN to accept video signals, and unless your laptop has one of these you will not be able to view your Xbox 360 on it.

    It’s possible to buy a video editing card (PCMIA PC-Card size) that will accept analogue video inputs, but this will not be in High Definition and the signal will be degraded as it is converted to analogue first and displayed in a window on your PC.

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