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Can you get banned from Xbox Live forever if a lot of people complain about your gamertag?


I asked people to file a complaint about my gamertag so that I could change it. Could this result in a permanent ban?

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  1. No and what you’re trying to do doesn’t work anymore anyway. People abused the name change complaint because they didn’t want to pay for one. Now Microsoft reviews all name complaints and if it’s not actually in violation, you don’t get a free change.

  2. Pretty much what they said lol. but if you want to change it and everything you can just create a new one. But this will cost you your gamerscore which in my opionion i would not even do it lol. but pretty much that. Good luck!

  3. No but if theres nothing wrong with your gamertag, they could get banned for false reporting. (it would only be a temporary 1 day ban though).

    And microsoft wont force you to change it unless it actually is offensive

  4. No.If you get to many reports about your gamer tag there will be a message and it will ask you to change your gamer tag. it will give you a link and you choose it and then type your new gamer tag.

  5. As Milk said, they changed this because too many people were getting away with it because they didn’t want to pay for it. Now, with every Gamertag that is massively reported, the either ignore it or can ban you for 1 day if they have proof that all of your friends did the reporting also.

    They can track the history of the message being sent then the massive reportings. I’m pretty sure they can even track what the message said.

  6. No, but they’ll probably make you change it. They did that to me once. It really pissed me off haha.

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