Can you transfer you memory for an original ps3 to a ps3...

Can you transfer you memory for an original ps3 to a ps3 slim?


so i got the yellow light of death. i am just going to take my hard drive put it in my friends ps3 (original not slim)(also since his can turn his on with yellow light i can’t turn it on) than i want to know if I can can copy it and put it onto a slim that i got. the reason why i do this and not fix the yellow light is because i got the slim cheaper than what i would get the ps3 fixed it would also have more memory too.

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  1. You can’t transfer data from your HDD because when you install it in a different PS3 it will ask to format it. If you say yes, it means it will erase all the contents of your HDD. There is no way around this. Whenever you transfer a HDD from one PS3 to another it will always need to be formatted to the new PS3. Your only option would be to get your broken PS3 working again–even temporarily–so that you could transfer the data to your new PS3. There is an option in the settings called Data Transfer Utility, this would safely transfer all your data from your current PS3 to your new one. If you want to try and get your PS3 temporarily working again you can use YouTube videos that show you how to reflow your motherboard or you can try and find a local or online repair service that won’t format your HDD. So basically without getting your broken PS3 working again there is no way to recover your data. Here is a YouTube video that show you how to reflow your PS3. [url is not allowed].

  2. NO , that is not possible because your ps3 hard drive was encrypted to that ps3 when it formatted ( this is so people can’t pirate games by trading hard drives )

    when you install your hdd into the other ps3 it will format and delete everything.

    If you did not back it up beforehand the data is lost , it’s your own fault for not doing a backup

    Just like a pc if you don’t backup before the ps3 needs it your have nothing you can recover , no other ps3 or pc can read YOUR ps3’s hard drive , only that ps3 can – the backup ( if you had one ) would restore fully only onto the same ps3 , if you restored it onto another you’d have to (a) first put your ps3 account on it and sign into psn ands (b) it would only restore your game saves and any music and videos since the rest can be downloaded again or installed from the game discs.

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