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Connecting to xbox live?


So I want to use xbox live but the computer is in my moms room and she use it a lot so I can’t run a Ethernet cable through cause i won’t be able to play that long is there any other else way I can connect to xbox live?

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  1. from the information you provided im assuming you only have one ethernet port in your home to access the internet.

    if so this can be fixed by buying network switch to share your internet connection. the network switch will give you multiple ethernet ports to use so your not sharing one with your computer. prices very depending on the features of the switch. you can buy one at Walmart, best buy or many other electronics stores. if you have a Fry’s electronics nearby i would suggest going there first, they usually have great deals on network equipment. links provided below on switches. gives you an idea of what to look for. hope this helps

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