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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review


Has Larian Studios successfully brought all the depth and charm of Divinity: Original Sin to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Check out our full review to find out!

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review


  1. one thing i dont agree on is the text is easy to read from the couch, i only sit about 6 feet away from the screen and everytime i get a new item i have to get up to read it

  2. I bought this game in the blind, during a time i pretty much swallowed cheap games whole, not because i like to throw money around. But because i feel my opinion's on games are a tad more refined than what reviews give me. For instance not many reviewers give a indepth look at pro's and con's about ingame menus, availability, music camera movement and customization, witch for all time i felt Final Fantasy have butchered. Granted the weapons i equip are shown, but so much interesting looking armor is thrown to waste because i have to play their characters as they are supposed to look. And i hate that, still i can enjoy FF because of alot of other things, so it balances out. Now i got this game a year ago or something, and i immediately got dragged into it during the start of it, then as i noticed the turn based element more and more, i started to hate it, and by the time i got to cysael, i uninnstalled and never looked back.. Until now, and i must say, they could have made it so much better by makeing it more fluid, or maybe like FF a battle mode that activates when in range of enemies, cus yeah sure i have gotten somewhat used to the battle now, witch allows me to like the core game itself.. the constant slow moveing around and managing AP is a dread. in a classic battlemode line up, you would simply use AP for attacks, blocks or abilities, not constantly moveing around chaseing down enemies that allways will be out of range. So to whoever wants to pick up this game, just be prepared for some of the most dreaded turn based battlesystem i have ever witnessed, but if you have a mindset that sht takes time, and it makes combat more managable, it does not ruin the game that much after all. 🙂 And i must say the look is sort of warcraft like, witch i enjoy. And the music, ahh the music is gold! It gives a warm and mystical feeling when heard, combined with the world you play in and how it looks, i imagine many hours of cozy gameplay in this 🙂

  3. Divinity OS EE (I only played the enhanced edition, I never played the original) has the best battle system I've ever seen, you have turn based battle in the same world, no switching screens, it's perfect 😀 It's also a lot of strategies going on and the difficulty is very good. I love both battle systems like turn-based and open world real time hack & slash, but divinity really got me. I think divinity is in my top games of all time list 😛

    And I have to add that the shared XP is the best ever, I hate games where one player can steal/rush all the XP…

  4. The game cool in my book but the turn by turn battle system is what turned me off it. I thought it was going be more like Diablo gameplay. Meh, I'll give it another try. I bought it last summer and haven't played it since.

  5. Thanks for the review man, there's a 75% discount deal on Xbox live Gold so i guess €13,75 is a cheap price for a quality game like this… I'm buying it.

  6. I'm gonna buy it as soon as it goes on sale on steam. ITs on sale now on GOG.

  7. It's on sale right now for $15 the enhanced edition thru xbox one !!! Prolly about to get it…you gotta have live gold though !

  8. You know this game is good when the only con is something like inventory. I just got this game hoping to enjoy it like Xcom but different universe.

  9. I actually prefer this game over The Witcher 3, both are amazing games but this game captivated me a bit more.

  10. This game is the best thing i have ever purchased! (I played it on ps4 btw)
    i've just finished it ! 86 hours of total gameplay ! If you love RPG, strategi, and brain teasers to solve quests.. This is the perfect game ! I loved every minute of it ! 🙂 Havent been this hooked to a game like this for like 10 years..

    this is the first time i comment on something like this. i cannot compare it to "Divinity: Original Sin" however, since i have only tried this enhanced edition on ps4 🙂

  11. The fact that they gave us a free upgrade on PC made me fall in love with the developer so much more. Not many developers/publishers would add so much to a game and not ask for money

  12. My wife and I really struggled with the difficulty for a while, but we're starting to get it, and it's shaping up to be a great game to play together!

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