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Dragon’s Dogma Walkthrough – Part 50 HD Gameplay Dragons Dogma DD PS3 XBOX 360


Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough - Part 50 HD Gameplay Dragons Dogma DD PS3 XBOX 360

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Gameplay PS3


  1. Wow! How great does this game look in HD? I was wondering why the graphics on my 360 games look absolutely crap by comparison. Now I know why.

  2. are all the NPC's on this game as annoying as the guy yelling stuff in the cockatrice fight?

  3. You made a female which was fucking stupid then you choose a big slow annoying weapon for us to sit through. No accounting for taste.

  4. after watching your walkthrough this far, i just have one complaint… "Why the hell aren't there any horses?"

  5. I would be pissed if i walked all the way there just to be sent back as soon as i got there.

  6. only thing i hate in JPRG is very very very slow start of main story line….it takes like 10 hours for some thing to happen

  7. I have been wanting to play this game for a while on ps3, does anyone wanna game share it?? I have Red Dead redemption with undead nightmare,, Sleeping Dogs, dragon age Inquisition all dlcs, dishonored, All skyim Dlcs except for hearth fire and much more.. Reply to this comment if your interested or msg me on psn

    PSN: ChaoticGamer101

  8. I see you're covering yourself with that little tiny shield against the fire of a dragon.. lol now that's just so ridiculous. I never buy this non-logical bullshit.

  9. Is the Lion "boss" supposed to be that easy? I understand it's the beginning of the game but still, he just stands there and takes the beating hardly doing anything. Feels a bit like a waste as it's a quite cool looking boss.

  10. Man I hate this new comments system. I'd like to reply to this guy, but I can't. FUCK YOU GOOGLE

  11. We haven't played the first Dragon's Dogma so we just recorded the beginning of the game. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

  12. well yeah it's an expansion. So what you should have done to show case dark arisen is to actually go into the peer at night in cassardis and go on the island and THEN start recording because that is when dark arisen starts. What you recorded is just the stuff for the original game

  13. We played the new Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It's just that the first Minutes of the two games are the same because you just get some new extras in Dark Arisen. It's like a Dragon's Dogma 1.5

  14. Guess what? This is NOT the dragon's dogma dark arison this is just the entro to the first game… nice try.

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